Oct 29, 2009

Dota 6.63b map - Download Dota 6.63b map now

Dota 6.63b map
IceFrog recently released Dota 6.63b after fixing some the errors in Dota 6.63 map. why in every map there is and error and bug? hehe by the way here are the changes that icefrog did in Dota 6.63b map. the armlet recipe now change to included quarterstaff  instead of blades of attack, fixed wrath of nature from targeting couriers, fixed a bug with spirit bear's entangle and overgrowth, fixed heart icon on the end game scoreboard and lastly Fixed a rare abuse that could cause other users performance to drop.

Dota 6.63b map Download Link:
Dota allstars 6.63b map (mirror 1)
Dota allstars 6.63b map (mirror 2)

by the way here is 1 video i found in youtube about axe bug in dota 6.63b

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